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This is a special alert! Two moons spotted from Planet Zorin! Titan and Enceladus!

This has been a special Zorinification Update!


ritual Day!


That moment when you can't remember your own procedures even with notes!
Is this what it means to be getting old? - Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi

rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*

((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = {
room: ''

omething better;

stay ready for all things;

pal will be revenant.


The faces you make when wine updates and playonlinux and pal says you will need Vista to
load paltalk....

Merry Christmas! Try Zorin12 today for free and get the post zorin install instruction
Bundle for free at zack263.neocities.org/linux containing instructions
To some of the best software n settings for Zorin 12. Note: compis was replaced.

Hello! I didn't see in the room rules where it says no rremoting!

e best way they can and i want you to know i keep each and everyone of you in my prayers thank you so much God Bless You

Hi wild and every one I haven't being on pall for a while
im working on a boat down in warmer climates in the med, Greece
send my regards to every one will try to log in to pctech when I get a decent conection

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