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Hello & Welcome to PCTech. Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with some of the basics about our room and how things work.

Some Basics You Should Know:
• 1st off, remember many of your questions can be answered using Google , so give it a shot 1st and see what info you can find on your problem.

• You can type text into the room at any time, including any question(s) you may have.

01 - We don't allow any Hacks, Cracks, Warez, Bit Torrents, Profanity, Porn, Religion,
Politics or Peer to Peer (P2P) in the room. PCTech is "G" Rated with children likely in
hearing distance from the room. You must be fully clothed on cam. Top Level Avatars
on Profiles must also be G rated.  We do not help with password retrieval. We do not
provide support with P2P file sharing. However, we will provide assistance removing
P2P applications. Do not expect the room to continually repair problems if you
continue P2P behavior. We DO NOT provide product keys, serial numbers, cracks, or
02 - You are responsible for your microphone volume and should ask for a mic check
before asking your question. When you are called to the mic please watch text for
comments about your mic.
03 - PCTech is for tech help, and we leave the audio free to ask questions. You raise
your hand and wait to be called to the mic. Politics, etc., are not brought into room.
General chitchat is only done in text EXCEPT during slow times.
04 - Users who will not comply with rules or when their conduct is not acceptable, will
be red dotted by Administrators. Repeat offenders will be bounced or banned from
the room.
05 - All posting of URL's (links) must be safe and proper websites. Obtain permission
from an "@" Admin before you post a link. No spamming is allowed in text. This
includes repeated text posting, gibberish and languages other than English.
06 - We also request that you do not use all CAPS or underlining in the text chat
window. All text should be in smaller lower case letters and also should not be
aLtErNaTe text. English is the accepted language for text and voice chat. Warnings
are issued for those not following this policy.
07 - All Paltalk rules are followed in PCTech.
08 -  No Advertising or promotions of products for personal and financial gain of any
09 - For best help, please have the basic information about your computer available,
such as the version of your Windows, how much system memory (RAM), hard disk
drive space and any recent changes you may have made to your computer system.
10 - We like to keep everyone safe this includes enforcing the following rule: We
cannot allow anyone operating a motor vehicle to be in the room while texting or using
the microphone. 
11 - Questions must be asked in the room. Do not private message an Administrator
for one-on-one help. Help is done in the room for all to assist with and for all to learn.
PCTech improves itself as a learning curve, everyone benefits by helping each other.
12 - PROXIES AND VMWARE PCTech does not help with proxies due to certain
countries and their government regulations. Do not go private with users regarding this
topic. With regards to virtual machines such as VMWARE and Microsoft's Virtual PC ,
we can provide URL links to the websites, but we do not provide tech support or give
walk-through-tutorials for these products in the room. Feel free to go private.  Help will
only be furnished at the discretion of the admin working with that user.
13 - ( Anyone who feels they have been discriminated or treated unfairly, contact the
room owner - wildfire0 )
•  When you want to use the mic and see a "hands up" icon, please raise your hand and wait to be called to the mic. Your patience is always appreciated. See rules #02 and #03.

•  PCTech is G-rated. The use of non-G-rated abbreviations, text or topics is not appropriate in the room text or on the mic. Additionally, inappropriate nicknames will be asked to leave the room. PCTech is not a music karaoke room so please refrain from playing your favorites.

•  Please do not criticize or bash other users. We also do not allow bashing of software and hardware.

•  No promotions of products in our room. See rule #08.

•  PCTech is not Paltalk. Any questions you have concerning your nickname or your Paltalk account, visit a Paltalk help lobby and speak with an official Paltalk representative.
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